Who We Are

Meritus Group Management is a member of the Tribe network of companies, offering solutions for Building, Managing, and Living in multi-family residential communities. Our tech-elevated services are changing the way people experience community living, connect with their neighbours and interact with their homes to support a sustainable future.

Your condominium community can benefit from the experience, integrity and professionalism on which Meritus was built. Meritus supports the belief that condominium communities can benefit from a relationship with management that is built on trust and respect.  That trust must be earned through transparency, accuracy and reliability.  That is our number one job – to deliver transparency, accuracy and reliability.

Some Numbers

55+ Condos Under Management
20+ Licensed Managers
5,000+ Homes Under Our Care

The Meritus Group Client Charter

We promise to
• Manage your property ethically and with full disclosure,
• Communicate professionally with owners and residents,
• Be proactive in our maintenance recommendations to enhance your property value,
• Respond quickly to emergencies and keep residents informed,
• Follow the condominium act on our advice and opinions,

Meet the Team


President and Founder

With over 28 years’ experience in property management, Dean is responsible for developing a culture of dedication, integrity and education at The Meritus Group and for seeing that culture realized in the way management services are offered. Dean has represented The Meritus Group and the entire condominium management profession on the Board of Directors of ACMO since 2006, including currently developing a new Condominium Managers certification program and Chairing the Ethics committee.

Drew Harling RCM

Director of Operations

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Drew is a dependable and knowledgeable asset with the ability to drive special projects as well as oversee the day-to-day operations of condominium corporations. His leadership and commitment to service excellence allow our Meritus team to rely on Drew for support, assistance and guidance. His familiarity with Condominium Law, and problem-solving approach allow him to ensure we deliver the high standards that we pride ourselves on.

Wyn Farrow

Director of Finance

Wyn’s experience in software implementation, systems and training ensures a smooth transition. Her vast knowledge of the Condominium Act ensures that her clients stay in compliance with their regulatory requirements. Wyn and her team produce comprehensive, timely and transparent financial statements to allow your Board to make informed decisions on behalf of the owners and the Corporation.

Nickita Bacchus

Director of Administration and Support

Nickita has helped develop a culture of teamwork, excellence and support within the Meritus Group. She leads a team of administrative professionals in providing essential support to our front-line condo managers. Nickita and her team ensure that our clients can rely on Meritus’ commitment to meeting the important deadlines set by legislation and the CAO.

Experience and Integrity is just one click away…

Meritus Group – we will earn your trust.

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