Electric Vehicles – An idea that is here to stay

Electric Cars are here – and Condos should prepare now.

After spending a weekend at the Canadian Auto Show there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that electric cars have arrived.

Condominiums can bury their heads in the sand, refuse to accept that the choice of vehicle of one of their residents is anything that the condo board needs to concern itself with, or by answering a few questions and thinking ahead – you can prepare for the inevitable.

Would you approve if the responsibility for the costs can be placed on the resident or owner who needs to charge their electric vehicle?

Are changes of this nature really any different than a unit owner who wants to make changes in their own unit – at their own cost?

Your Board can enter into a contract with a service provider to install a power charging station in the parking garage. This charging station is central and sub-meters and connections will be installed in the parking spaces of unit owners that contract directly with the service provider.

The contract is between the unit owner or resident and the corporation is paid for all of the electricity used in the charging of vehicles and the operation of the charging system.

Outside of the operation of the system the only possible exposure for the condominium corporation is to prepare a section 98 agreement for either the unit owners who contract this service or ensure that the contract with the service provider holds them responsible for the costs of returning the common elements to their original condition. Considering that at most this is likely to amount to removing the wires and plugs it is really very little exposure.

Why not consider taking a proactive approach so that when the first resident with a new Volt or Leaf shows up in your underground you are prepared to welcome them to the community. It will certainly send a clear message to the owners, residents and real estate agents that deal with your condo community.