Condominium Conference Season

We are approaching a very exciting time in the property management calendar.

Fall is trade show and conference season and this time of year offers great opportunities for education on a whole host of timely topics, as well as a coming together of some of the trades who offer exciting new products and great ideas for your condominium corporation.

November 11 and 12 is the ACMO/CCI-T Conference at the North Building of the Toronto Congress Centre.  With a full slate of educational sessions including Rapid Fire Legal Issues where experts will speak on relevant topics from electronic proxies to marijuana in condominiums.  There will be something for everyone in this fast paced and educational session.

Other sessions include 75 minutes on Barrier-Free Access and condominium compliance with Human Rights legislation – (I hope someone asks when condos will need gender neutral washrooms for recreational facilities) and technology in condos as well as a new session on rapid fire mediation to help managers and directors resolve (or better yet) avoid costly disputes.

The trade show floor will also provide great opportunities for inspiration as you look for some of those new and unique items that will separate your community from the other condominiums in your neighborhood.


Not to be outdone the PM EXPO hosts one of the largest trade show floors in North America and provides you with opportunity to comparison shop some of the most innovative ideas from high speed garage doors made of fabric to season lighting and outdoor decorating ideas that will get your residents buzzing.


Take advantage of these opportunities for education and inspiration.


PS – Dean McCabe the President of The Meritus Group will be speaking at both of these upcoming trade shows.  You can obtain information on attending these conferences online or call The Meritus Group at 647-643-6267.